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Should I get hair extensions?

Extensions are awesome. What a great thing to be able to attach hair to your head in the areas you want more of it. Whether you dream of long, mermaid locks or you want to add a little extra fullness, extensions are the way to go. But before lengthening your locks, there are a few…

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I’m planning to make a dramatic hair change, what do I need to know beforehand?

There are some people who seem to be colour chameleons. Especially celebrities. It seems like every time we see them their hair colour has changed. How can they go back and forth from blonde to brunette so seamlessly? Wasn’t it just red a month ago? These people make it seem simple and easy, like they…

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I’m tired of touching up my roots, should I get ombre?

A graduation of colour from dark to light, it really seems ombre is everywhere these days. Not only are people rocking it in their hair, but it can also be found anywhere from clothes, to cakes to fingertips. Orignially created to mimic the way hair is lightened by the sun, ombre, the French word for…

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How can I keep my colour from fading?

For a lot of us, our natural colour just doesn’t cut it. We experiment with it, enhance it or completley change it. But hair colour does come at a price and because it’s such an investment, we just wish it would last longer to get the most bang for our buck. Pastel colours seem to…

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