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What should I do about my dandruff?

Lately your scalp has been itching. A lot. And you’ve been avoiding wearing black due to the snowy dusting of flakes that’s constantly appearing on your shoulders. You head to your local drugstore, make your way to the shampoo isle and reach for the Head & Shoulders. Stop right there. You may not even need…

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How can I keep my hair healthy this summer?

If you’re lucky enough to spend time outside this summer, either by the pool or ocean or just soaking up some sun, your hair may take a bit of a hit. The elements can really mess with your hair if you aren’t careful and the last thing you want is to pay for it come…

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How do I pick a good quality blowdryer?

With so many options on the market these days, how does one pick a quality tool? Although there are many at a lower price point, these aren’t necessarily your best option. For the sake of your hair, its more worthwhile to purchase a proffesional quality tool, even if it is a tad more expensive. For…

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How can I keep my blonde hair from looking brassy?

Blonde is something nearly everybody has tried once. Whether it’s a few sunkissed highlights or an all-over platinum, many people just want a first hand experience to know if blondes really do have more fun. Some would say “Yes, absolutely!”, while others would argue that the consequences of lightening their hair, make it not so…

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