Buzzed Technicolor

Short, Coloured and Cropped Men’s Haircuts

Unconventional colors, razor-sharp styles and unique textures for men’s haircut are no longer bound to the confines of runway and high-fashion. If you find yourself walking through any major city, you’ll come across a handful of trendsetting men power rocking their manes down the street of Toronto.

The new season brings in a whole herd of amazing styles that we want to touch base with you on, so you too can achieve look that was once reserved only for models and the avant-garde. So whether you want to add a little color to your life, bold-up an everyday look or level up your grooming game then brace yourself. While the number of options are countless, we’ve narrowed it down to 5 of our favorite men’s haircuts and styles we’re seeing on the rise.

Buzzed TechnicolorBuzzed Technicolor
There’s no better game changer than a buzz full of vibrant colors to ruin your ex’s day. Cropped to a length short enough to highlight the different hues so that each individual color gets the attention it deserves. Go for a simple gradient of colors or play on this style just a little more with design and flare within this amazing technicolor look like this post from @hickduarte




Silver LocksSilver Locks
Sophisticated, modern and trendy. Find your perfect shade of silver or gray for a seamless balayage to compliment your everyday style. Longer layers in men’s haircuts bring out the different lengths, shine and shades especially where balayage is present. Easily dress up this style by slicking it back with some light pomade or tousle it around for the right amount of edge. @colourbyholly_


Natural WavesNatural Waves
Get a fresh out of salon look every day with perfectly cut layers that flow perfectly with little maintenance. As polished as this look seems, after your stylist works their magic, it’s actually fairly easy to style from there and only require the extra oomph with a bit of product for those special night outs. Dreamlike layers that have a naturally tousled look that will give off the chillest vibes while looking on trend, all the time.



Slicked And TaperedSlicked And Tapered
An ideal look for the modern man, the tapered men’s haircut is not only extremely versatile but stylish as well. The longer length allows for more variety on how you’d like it styled for the day whether parted, or slicked. For an extra suntouched look, opt-in for some natural looking highlights and get dimension with the color.




Textured CropsTextured Crops
Textured crops are all the rave when it comes to men’s haircuts for 2018. Shorter on the top and faded down the sides gives a modernized twist to the go to style of the 90s. If you’re a man who appreciates, simple and stylish then this just might be the perfect look for you. Pair it with facial hair to soften and balance it out a bit and you’ll look like a million bucks.




Men’s haircuts and styles this season are pushing boundaries and getting creative, so get ready for bold color, cuts and textures. Whether you slick it back or let it lose your locks are no doubt the winning player that will tie your look together.

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