Team – Best Hair Stylists Toronto

Guest Stylist


Nozomi Kumagai

Level 3 Stylist
Nozomi Kumagai is Japanese creative hairstylist currently based in Toronto.  He began his career in Miyagi, Japan where he grew up with his family.  After witnessing the limitless possibilities for a session hair stylist through his brother’s career, he formed a strong interest and started to explore his opportunities.  Previously working in media relations, he began to nurture a passion for hair as an expression and way to influence creativity; to help boost confidence for those around him.  He continued to develop his skills with the goal of helping people achieve happiness and confidence as he pursued his career in the creative industry.  Nozomi has strong values that he holds in high regard in everything he does.  Heavily influenced by his interests in the arts, fashion, and music scene, he continues to hone his skills by collaborating and working alongside some of the most important and influential hairstylists in Toronto. 

Masumi Arai

Level 1 Stylist
Masumi Arai joins the team with over 11 years of experience across Tokyo and Australia.  Hailing from the mountainous region of Gunma Prefecture in Japan, Masumi cultivated a dream to work as a hairdresser at a young age. Influenced by culture and travel, Masumi has become a master of her craft, always picking up innovative techniques and pushing her boundaries and vision for her clients.   Before coming to Toronto, Masumi worked in salons of famously affluent districts in Tokyo with a lively and buzzing nightlife and fashion boutiques.  Masumi continues to build her narrative in Toronto, taking in the unique influences of various cultures to take along with her on her journey. Masumi is well-known and respected for her cutting, colour and combined intuitive understanding of texture, balance, color, and geometry.   


Dat Tran

Dat Tran

Level 5 Stylist

Commitment to offering the best techniques, creative practices and innovations in the industry is at the very core of Dat Salon.  In order to bring this vision to life, Dat Tran has travelled globally to find new products and techniques to make accessible right here in the city.

“Currently, our culture is fuelled with an artistically motivated generation.  In a time of experimentation and invention, there is a higher demand for maintenance and upkeep to deal with all the techniques required to keep up with current hair trends.  Whether you’ve had a perm, hair colouring, bleach or simply aged hair, we’ve ventured the world to bring you the best treatments out there; a challenge that keeps us motivated and brings even more excitement to our craft.  We’re obsessed with the fine details and will continue to offer the newest in industry trends and bring modern hair innovations into our city.”


Dat Tran, is the owner of Dat Salon.  His love for hair started from his passion for people and the unique stories each person carries.  He believes in the power of transformation that can happen both physically and emotionally for his clients and hopes to bring a positive change to each of their lives.  In 2015, he made the move to a busier Queen West location and has partnered with a variety of industry leaders and award-winning stylists to form his team.  Some of Dat’s celebrity collaborations include working with Hasley, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire, Christophe Willem, Jonathan Patrick Moore to name a few.  You can also find his work on the covers of Chloe Magazine, T&M Magazine and global publications worldwide.


Lindsey Buro

Level 4 Stylist

Passion and a winning attitude can take you very far in this industry – this is especially true for our resident colour expert Lindsey Buro. Lindsey is fun, exciting & highly skilled in her craft. She is personable, knowledgeable & offers great advice to her clients & colleagues. For Lindsey, learning & evolving has always been at the core of her passions. She believes that between interactions with clients, coworkers, industry legends & fresh faces, there is always something to be learned both personally & professionally. Lindsey’s career began at the ripe age of 16 when she decided to take the plunge to live out her passions in colour & hair. She went on to spend 9 years of her career as an artist & colour educator for Redken before working in a number of notable salons. Thanks to the mentors & collaborators over her 14 year career, Lindsey’s creative flow has transpired into something new, unique & truly inspirational. Lindsey’s works have appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show, The Social, and Toronto Fashion Week. She has also contributed to publications such as The Kit Compact, Hello Canada and Chloe Magazine.

Stacey Jones Hairstylist and color technician

Stacey Jones

Level 3 Stylist

Stacey is a highly trained colourist with over ten years of experience in the beauty industry! Since moving to Toronto eight years ago, she has worked with many different companies and brands as a platform artist, educator and session stylist, and has styled the hair of musicians and artists, as well as having her work published in several prominent digital and print magazines. Specializing in colour corrections, Stacey strives to ensure that every appointment is positive and thorough, from the consultation through to the end result. Dat Salon couldn’t be more excited to welcome such a diverse and well-rounded stylist to the team!


Eric Duong

Level 3 Stylist

Eric discovered his passion for hair at young age. He turned his passion into reality and quickly became successful with his career.

With over 8 years of professional experience and cosmetology education, he constantly remains up to date with the latest hair trends. Eric possesses a variety of techniques to give his clients what they want and specializes in colour corrections and balayage. 

Eric prioritizes in giving exceptional customer service to his clients and developing a friendship outside of the salon. At the end of the day the joy and the smile on his clients face when they leave his chair is what drives Eric to do what he does. He makes it a point to give each and every client 110% of his talents and it reflects when they walk out of the salon. He takes pride in all the work that he does and truly loves making his clients feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside!


Tori Lalonde

Level 2 Stylist

Tori is an extremely outgoing, bubbly person with a contagious energy. As a mixed medium artist, she approaches hair the same way as a canvas to work with. When you sit down in Tori’s chair, she analyses your hair and finds a suitable style that will fit your day-to-day lifestyle. Her skills are highly versatile with experiences that span across cuts, chemical services, tape-in extensions, colour extensions and colour correction. She approaches her work with love & and an unmatched creativity which has allowed her to work alongside talented industry leaders/media and brands such as Matt Barnes, TIFF, Entertainment Tonight, Canada Breakfast AM, Backroom Agency, Jean Machine and Philip Lim. Tori’s celebrity press includes Danielle Knudson, Arlene Dickinson, Sharon Johnston and Frieda Pinto.


Joan McCarthy

Level 1 Stylist

Joan E. McCarthy was inspired to start styling hair after experiencing many hairstyles on herself as a model. Since leaving the modelling industry, she has hit the ground running. Joan has graduated from the  Aveda Institute and has been crafting her technique alongside some of Toronto’s most notable stylists, and has immersed herself in the teachings and philosophies of such brands as L’Oreal Professional, Matrix, and Kevin Murphy. Although fluent in a variety of services, including cut and colour, she has a particular infatuation with lightening, and blonding hair. As a blonde herself, she’s passionate about using her own experiences as a client, model and stylist to bring a personalized and understanding perspective to each and every client she meets. Joan is known for her infectious, bright, and warm personality. She is a good listener and takes care in creating a customized home and in salon routine that fits each client’s unique lifestyle. Inspired by both fashion trends and natural textures, her style reflects something not only current, but that highlights your hair’s distinct natural beauty, and translates as an outward glimpse into your own personality and aesthetic.


Dylan Jerrett

Level 1 Stylist

Dylan started his hair journey almost 5 years ago.

Growing up, hair has always been a passion of his, and at a young age he knew it was the career he wanted to pursue. Throughout these 5 years, he has believed it is extremely important to keep up to date with  the latest  trends and styles and continues to do education to give his clients the best possible experience. He has mastered a wide range of techniques and some of his favourites would include Colouring, foiling, barbering and upstyling. His skills are complimented with his passion, personality and standards of doing high quality work. He thrives to make his clients leave smiling and feeling beautiful.